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My Hero (AWWW!!!) [Aug. 5th, 2006|07:36 pm]
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Hi y'all

So far only two people have written in to tell us about their heroes, and they are below my post.  Anyone else have a hero??

I have only one hero in my life and all the friends who know me knew EXACTLY who I was going to choose.  So ..... for the rest of you who don't know me that well just yet ........

My hero is my brother Andy who became my guardian when he was still in his teens, right after my mom went to prison.  Andy has given up a whole lot to become the best mom or dad of anyone anywhere!  He makes mistakes like all people do, but then he tries to correct them and I know he works really hard at everything he does.

Andy is a corporal and even though he has not fought in any wars (THANK GOD!) he is still a hero to all the soldiers that ride in a truck, tank or helicopter that he fixed, armored or prepared for the desert.

I am a teenager and he could leave me to raise myself if he didn't want to be bothered, but he doesn't do that.  He teaches and guides me and gives me rules to be safe and gives me a clean and wonderful apartment to grow up in (that I have to clean most of the time, but oh well).   He spends time with me and goes running with me and comes to all of my school events.

Andy could just put in his time at the base but he doesn't.  He does his job the absolute best that he can and he cares about ALL the troops over there in Iraq.  He will get on the internet at night to help a mechanic friend over there and will make sure that the troops that leave his base have the very best equipment and vehicles they can possibly send.

Andy is my hero and a little bit Americas hero too.


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2006-08-05 04:12 pm (local) (link) DeleteFreezeScreen <input ... >
a hero can be anyone you want them to be.
jay leno is my hero.
and for a lot people even paris hilton can be their hero.
war heroes are just doing their jobs.
sadly a lot of these young people died in a false war.

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Re: heroes
2006-08-05 04:57 pm (local) (link) DeleteFreezeScreen <input ... >
War heroes are risking their lives for their jobs. There's a difference there, honey.

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[User Picture]From: choco_rachel
2006-08-06 03:44 am (UTC)


Actually, I suppose a hero could be somebody who does things that you look up to. Such as my auntie Phyllis. She had a brain tumor and a messed up hip so she couldn't walk AND she was blind. And then SHAZAM. She moved to a nursing home, caught the most sought after guy at the home (which made the rest of the women stop talking to her xD), lived really happily right next to him for a while, and kept up with what she did all the way up until she died 'cause she was all looped up from the drugs and fell down. She was quite a person.